Irish Studies faculty offer a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses:

English 459: Irish Literature (undergraduate)
English 480/580: Imagining Ireland Study Abroad
English 559: Irish Literature (graduate)
English 680: Seminar in British and Irish Literature — topics vary (graduate)
History 395: Modern Celtic History
History 418: Modern Ireland (undergraduate)
History 419: Irish Diaspora (undergraduate)
History 618: Modern Ireland (graduate)
History 619: Irish Diaspora (graduate)

Please consult the UNM Schedule of Classes for current offerings.

We also supervise M.A. and Ph.D. students.

Interested students should apply to the graduate program in English or History. Please contact us with questions about pursuing Irish Studies at the graduate level at UNM.

Stay tuned for announcements about workshops, lectures, and other academic events on our website, Facebook, and Instagram.